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Posted Feb 2009

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STROHECKERS UNABLE TO SHIP TO 4 STATES - Article written by Nick with follow-up information by Ronald Dulwick of Stroheckers

Watson wins approval for generic testosterone product - Preface by Nick with link to article information


Story 1:

STROHECKER'S UNABLE TO SHIP TO 4 STATES by Nick with follow-up information by Ronald Dulwick of Stroheckers


I discovered Strohecker's wasn't able to ship to Virginia on Feb 21, 2009. A friend who lives there called and left a voice mail message, telling me he could no longer get his T from Strohecker's.

At the same time, I received an email from a T-Male visitor from Tennessee, who informed me he was no longer able to get his compounded T from Strohecker's

I called and left a message for Ron at Strohecker's, Sunday Feb. 22, 2009, telling him what I had heard asking him to call me back with all information or email it to me.

On Monday, Feb 23, 2009, Ron called and told me he sent pertinent information to the email address I provided him in my message.

In it he wrote:

Good to hear from you.
This is an email that was sent to a patient regarding out of state licensing. This is an accurate summary of the situation.
At this point the only states we CANNOT ship to are: Arizona, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina.
Hope this answers your questions.
Ronald Dulwick
In order to ship medications out-of-state, most state boards of pharmacy require the pharmacy to be licensed in the states they ship to. Strohecker's is licensed, or is in the process of getting a license, in all the states we ship to.
However, the licensing requirements for out-of-state pharmacies vary from state to state, and can change every year.  Some states require certain types of documentation, and the cost of providing that documentation outweighs the number of prescriptions that we mail to patients in those states.  So, we have decided to cease shipping to patients in certain states, rather than getting licensed.
I understand this is an inconvenience for you and other patients who look for more affordable medication alternatives.  However, the solution is simple:  look for a compounding pharmacy in Virginia who can make this medication for you (just Google "compounding pharmacy Virginia"). Alternately, find a mail-order compounding pharmacy who is licensed in Virginia and can legally send the medication to you (you should be able to find out with a phone call).
Again, I apologize for any inconvenience, and I will tell the manager to update our website to let patients know ahead of time what states we cannot ship to!

Their information:

2855-A S.W. Patton Road, Portland OR, 97201
Tel: (503) 222-4822 Fax: (503) 222-4868




Story 2:

Watson wins approval for generic testosterone product - produced by solvay


In 2006, unbeknownst to me (until I discovered Strohecker's wasn't able to ship to certain states on Feb 23, 2009), the FDA lifted the ban on generic mass produced testosterone, allowing Watson to regain production of generic testosterones.

I should have kept an eye out for this but, failed to do so. My apologies.

The good news is, you can now get generic testosterone at almost any pharmacy and most insurance will cover it, however, there will be exceptions.

Call around locally and ask for prices.

However, don't forget about Strohecker's. They've been good to us so, if you find generic T is too expensive, give them a call.

Products being made in generic form:

Testosterone Cypionate (in cotton seed oil)

Testosterone Enanthate (in sesame oil with an additive that allows this type to bond to a different molecule in the body)

Note: The Feds stopped Watson from producing a generic version  of Andro-gel, this year so, only injectable testosterone is available in generic form.


In short, on September 10, 1998  the #1 maker of generic T, Steris Laboratories, Inc., a division of Schein Pharmaceutical, Inc, blew it for the generic T market. The FDA moved against them  for not keeping accurate records on quality assurance of the products, which necessitated a ban being placed on all generic testosterone production. All stock was seized and the well went dry.

This caused an incredible problem for AIDs patients and Transmen.

I remember that time well.

A frantic search began to find an alternative to name brand testosterones, which were out of most of our price ranges.

This is when smaller pharmacies started producing compounded versions of the name brand testosterones, mainly Testosterone Cypionate. Stroheckers had always produced their version but production exploded when the ban began.


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