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Site/Link Submission & Existing Link Rules:

  • When submitting your site link for listing here, you must be willing to put up a link to the T-Male site on your website It's a simple common courtesy I ask be extended

  • If you refuse and will not place a reciprocal link for the T-Male site on your website or at a later time you take down the T-Male link:

    • Your new listing/link will not be added

    • Your existing listing/link will be removed

  • Some sites I have chosen to list on my own may not have the T-Male link. When I choose a site to be listed, in which the owner has not solicited me to do so, such as law based sites, I won't ask them to reciprocate the link

  • Current listings/links are checked often for the T-Male listing/link

  • Current listings/links are checked often for unacceptable content:

    • Unacceptable Content:

      • Derogatory comments about the T-Male site or Nick -  If found or have been reported to be uttered by the owner in an online group or other setting, it will be removed

      • If your site becomes a flaming site or one that constantly/consistently posts derogatory things about other FTM's or FTM Organizations, it will be removed

  • Current listings/links are checked often for availability:

    • If a report is sent to that your site does not load and will then not load for me, it will be crossed out but the link left embedded in the event it is a temporary server problem

    • If your listing continues to not load over a certain period of time, it will be deleted

Thanks! Nick

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Medical Conditions - Individual health issue information

Why this addition? Many Transmen suffer from a variety of medical conditions and I feel posting submissions from visitors about these conditions may help other Transmen who might suffer from them

Epidermolysis Bullosa from Zachary

Hey Nick My name is Zackary I'm a 17 years old and I will be 18 on July 29th 2007 and I am hopefully starting T very early August 2007 (I find out the date in march) I have been a huge fan of your site since I was 13 and it has helped me out a lot. I have been out since I was 14 almost 15 but I have been going full time since I was 13. When I had identify has a lesbian, a very butch one but a lesbian, I would use a male name and pronouns and made it a point to pass has a male but at that time I did not know what transgender was so that's why I say I've been full time longer then I have been out. I am very mature for my age and I think that as to do a lot with how I was raised and the things that have happened in my life. I was born with a life threaten illness and I wasn't supposed to live to see my 1st birthday but here I am today almost 18 and still defying the odds. I have what is called Epidermolysis Bullosa here are a few links that explain what it is. I don't have it that bad and I am doing a lot better now that I'm older. Because of the life I have had I have a great interest in the medical field and hope to one day become either a pediatric doctor of some sort(neurologist or a heart doctor) or a pediatric nurse and I want to have a minor in child/adolescent psychology.

P.S. Here are the links about the EB I have.
I also have a G-tube an my esophagus is messed up so here are links about those as well and feel free to ask my anything at all.
Here is a picture of what the G-tube looks like, its work safe there is no blood or anything goody or whatnot I promise.

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Name & Gender Change help and/or Info


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FTM Dating sites

Transpassions is a 100% free social networking and online dating site for the Trans community (...for MTF, FTM, crossdressers and admirers).

While the site is limited to those 18+, it is NOT an 'adult' site.

(We do not allow pornography, nudity or raunchy language.)

We are trying to provide a place where people in the Trans community can find one another for real relationships...and not just sex. (There are enough of those type sites out there already.)


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Be advised, if you are tempted to write and complain about any listing here, I don't recommend it.


Buck Angel - The Transsexual Man - Be advised this site is for ADULTS ONLY - this is FTM porn. If this will offend you, don't click on it


Buck Angel's Fan Site


Running On Empty ( trannyfag punk band from Minneapolis , MN

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