How to Make a Home Made Binder from a Futuro or Ace Compression Wrap


 You'll need: One Sturdy Long Sewing Needle, Flesh Colored Heavy Thread, One or Two 4 or 8 inch Futuro or Ace Compression Wraps (Bandages)

Depending on how large you are, buy 1 or 2,  4" inch wide or 8" inch wide FUTURO Brand compression wraps similar to ACE. Ace's suck, in my opinion. The bunch and roll.

Take one of the wraps and wrap one end around your chest ONE TIME.

Slide the section around the front so the end in one hand meets with the section of the long strip you hold with the other. 

Make sure it compresses the breasts well. Mark the spot where the end meets the section of the long end. That is where you will cut the bandage. Once you cut it, cut another strip off the rest of the wrap the exact size (not stretched, please). 

Lay out the two lengths long ways flat away from the other. 

Take one strip and slide it so that it is now over the other (not on top of) and the long sides meet so you now have an 8", if you use a 4" inch Futuro or a 16 " wide section, if you bought an 8" Futuro wrap.

You can now place each strip on top of the other and sew one edge together. Make sure you triple stitch the beginning and end of the sewing line so they don't unravel. (see diagram below)

You CAN do this. Just get a needle and strong thread, preferably the same color as the wrap (beige or brown) and sew the best you know how or recruit a girlfriend or girl friend who can sew.

Once they are sewn together length ways, make sure that the wide strip wraps around the chest well compressing the entire breast area, trimming down some ends if need be. It needs to be tight but not uncomfortably tight.

Once you determine that the lengths are just right, sew the ends of this wide wrap together (see diagram below).

You should then have an 8" or 16" wide solid circle wrap that you slide over your head and over the chest area to compress the offending appendages.

You may need to do some extra stitching to catch any spots that gap in the original sewing but that's to be expected.

Futuro compression wraps stay in place better and don't roll up like Ace's do.



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