Announcement from Dr. Brownstein!


 I retired from active practice, on December 31, 2012, after 35 years of serving the transgender and gender non conforming communities. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to provide quality surgical services to so many individuals over the years and grateful also for the many friendships and contacts I have made over the course of almost 4 decades. I wish to thank my colleagues and, especially my patients for their loyalty, understanding, and for the knowledge I have acquired from them. And a special thanks also to my wife, Denise, and to those others who have served on my office staff over the years for their dedication, advice, and invaluable assistance.


It is my desire to have this practice continue to serve these communities, and in that regard I have asked Dr. Curtis Crane to assume my practice and office under the name, "Brownstein-Crane Surgical Services", beginning 1 January 2013. I have selected Dr. Crane to take over because of his extensive surgical training and expertise, and his dedication to the transgender and gender non conforming communities. He will continue to provide gender related surgical services, in San Francisco, to this population of patients. He will expand the scope of the practice by, in additon to performing top surgery, performing gender confirmation bottom procedures, for which he has been especially trained. Dr. Crane is qualified in both urology and plastic surgery and has trained in the US, Serbia, Belgium, and Thailand. He has over 10 years of training experience in this field. I remained with him throughout January, 2013 working with him in the operating room, teaching him my particular techniques for top surgery, and introducing him to the community. Dr. Crane is accepting patients for general plastic surgery procedures including liposuction, augmentation mammaplasty, reduction mammaplasty, and other cosmetic and reconstructive operations.


I am proud to have Dr. Curtis Crane assume this practice I value so highly.


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