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CALIFORNIA Department of Motor Vehicles

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Originally submitted Oct. 2003 - Page Updated Nov. 18, 2006

FYI for Transmen in California, From a Loyal Visitor:

"I did my name change June of last year (2002). I did a legal name change, but for DMV I didn't have to do it that way. California has a special form for trans people, it is DL 328. It needs to be filled out and signed by a therapist, but that is how you can do a common law name change as well. You need to also fill out the form for a new DMV card as well. If you give them your old one you don't need to pay anything, or at least it was like that last June. I found using DL 328 to be easy, and it is really the only way to change your gender marker (or at least that is what I was told). I haven't heard of any changes to the procedure, and doing it that way saves people some hassle."

Nick's notes: This may no longer be current - please check with the DMV for any changes

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