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Each and every female bodied/born person who begins THRT (Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy) will go through a second puberty, a teenage boy puberty.

It is inevitable.

Everything you have heard about the teenaged puberty, with the exception of growth or descending of testicles, growth of an average male penis size and production of sperm, is going to happen.

What does this entail?

Glad you asked!

This is a list, not all inclusive, of the things you will experience and in about the order in which they will occur.

Please keep in mind that not all experience changes in this order but it's pretty darn close!

Please note: Testosterone, no matter the type, is a Class 3 controlled substance. It is administered by prescription only by a licensed practicing physician, Use of it on your own is very dangerous and can often be fatal. All changes are irreversible so use of it to obtain one or two changes, is not possible. No reputable doctor will prescribe this drug to anyone who just wanted a lower voice or an enlarged clitoris.


The first few months - This edition: The Voice

Coming soon - Body Changes


The Voice - What Happens to make it drop? Your vocal chords are beginning to thicken.

How deep your voice will be is really not something you or anyone can predict.

How tall or short you are, does not matter. How old or young you are, does not matter. How young you were when you started, does not matter.

However, there is one physical factor that can influence how low your voice will be.

What matters most if the width of the throat or 'gullet'. If it is narrow, your voice may not drop as low as someone who have a wider throat.

No, there is nothing you can do with make your throat wider permanently.

You can go through vocal training so that you don't talk or sing through you 'head', meaning, your voice is coming from the throat area; your voice is being strangled by improper breathing practices/techniques. Trust me, if you take a deep breath and pull your shoulders up, you are filling only the top part of your lungs so you'll just be talking or singing through your 'head'.

If you can learn to breathe using your diaphragm, your voice will have a deeper tone. This goes for anyone, on T or not.



First, off, no, it's not the contraceptive device you may have heard of, though the name is the same. No snickering; we are all adults here. It's not the time for jokes.

Your diaphragm are muscles that help you breathe - they assist your lungs in pulling in air and expelling air.

It is also vital for musicians who play brass/woodwind instruments, singers, public speakers... to play/speak well

FYI: People who break their necks can often have a paralyzed diaphragm and no longer be able to breathe for themselves. If these muscles are unable to move, they are unable to breathe.



Your diaphragm is located just below top area where your ribs split apart and arch outward to your sides.



Training yourself to breathe properly is relatively easy. You just have to be mindful of it until it becomes habit.

Here is a great exercise!

Take a deep breath and push your stomach out as you bring in air - expand your abdominal muscles-....keep going, pull in more and more as your push your stomach out. You are filling up your lungs from top to bottom thereby opening up your throat. -

Now, push the air out, very slowly as you compress your abdominal muscles

Now you're breathing right; you're using your diaphragm muscles!

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