Changing Sex/Gender on Drivers License: State by State

Updated Oct 2013  - I need current info!

Do you have detailed updated info for your state? Tell Nick, he'll post the information! 

 Another resource is TS Road Map:

Be Advised! The information for Your State May No Longer Be Current! Please do not write telling me it is not correct. I am positive over half of the information is not current. The rules change each year for many states. I rely on visitors to provide changes in state laws regarding this issue.

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ARE YOU Tempted to change your drivers license to Male before your hysterectomy surgery? click this link before you do!


Need: Court Ordered Name Change, therapists letter verifying living as male full-time. Must be notarized and filed with courts. Est. Fee: $15

From an MTF dated April 7, 2006:

Do you know why Alabama will change the gender marker on their DL for a FtM with just a letter from a therapist stating that they are living full time as a male notarized and filed with courts when the state will not do the opposite for a MtF?
I am a male to female and I cannot understand why the difference.
I have been in contact with the State of Alabama continually since 1999 and they keep telling me that the only way to change the sex designation on the DL is by furnishing a certified letter from the surgeon that SRS has been completed and is successful.   
It does not matter if records are produced indicating that I am recognized as a female, that I have had my scrotum completely removed (and have a letter from my surgeon stating that I am living as a female, that the surgery can not be reversed and that I cannot function as a male), or furnish official government documents as to being female.
Please forgive me for writing you, but I thought you might know.  What you report must be valid because another group says the same thing.  But, the Department of Public Safety tell me that they will not do it for a male to female.

Nick's Notes: If you have any information for her or wish to help change this double standard, please contact Nick; he will out you in touch with this woman.

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Need: Court Ordered Name Change, notarized doctors letter verifying sex reassignment.  Est. Fee: $15

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Need: Submit written notification request. Court order and or therapists letter verifying living as male full-time.  Est. Fee: $4


Need: Doctors note and sign a card. Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time.  Est. Fee: $5

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Need: UPDATED MAR 14, 2003: From a California resident: "I did my name change June of last year. I did a legal name change, but for DMV I didn't have to do it that way. California has a special form for trans people, it is DL 328. It needs to be filled out and signed by a therapist, but that is how you can do a common law name change as well. You need to also fill out the form for a new DMV card as well. If you give them your old one you don't need to pay anything, or at least it was like that last June. I found using DL 328 to be easy, and it is really the only way to change your gender marker (or at least that is what I was told). I haven't heard of any changes to the procedure, and doing it that way saves people some hassle." If you see this information listed on a website outside of The Transitional Male site, report to Nick Immediately

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Update 2007

"The form you need at the DMV is the DR 2083. Got the form, took it to one of my doctors, she signed it and I took it back to the DMV. I did it a few days ago and it cost me $7.50. The only question the guy had to ask his supervisor was whether it should be processed as a "reissue" or a "renewal." Got a new photo taken and they're mailing me my new license." Anonymous submission

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Need: Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: unknown

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Need: Court ordered name change and therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: $1.15

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Updated: 07-23-04 A letter from a physician certifying that SRS has been performed on the person in question. Due to reversal of Kantaras Ruling which nullified M. Kantaras' Male status and Florida not allowing TS persons to marry, you need to check out this information before trying to change anything: Here are contact people/numbers:If you see this information listed on a website outside of The Transitional Male site, report to Nick Immediately

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Need: Birth Certificate and court ordered name change to make any changes to your driver's license. Est. Fee: $15

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Need: Name change order from Lt. Gov's Office plus therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: $5

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Need: Court ordered name change therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: $11.50

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Illinois UPDATED! Thanks, Jean!

"Driver Services Department, Office of the Illinois Secretary of State" DriverServicesDepartmentOfficeoftheIllinoisSecretaryof@ILSOS.NET rec Fri Oct 3 2003

An Illinois driver's license and/or identification card (ID) holder who has completed, or who is in the process of obtaining a sex change must provide documentation in the form of a Medical Report form, or Psychiatric Report form, or physician's statement, or other documentation acceptable which indicates that a sex change has taken place or that the applicant is in
the process of performing such change.

In conjunction with the sex change, any applicant who requests a name change, whether applying for an original, duplicate, or corrected driver's license/ID card, must present acceptable identification which confirms the new name being requested, as well as establish an acceptable link between the old and new names.
If you see this information listed on a website outside of The Transitional Male site, report to Nick Immediately

A court order is not required by this office to effect a name change or sex change, however, such court order shall be considered best evidence and shall be accepted as prima-facie evidence of such change.

Update: August from 2003 Null & Void: From a Illinois resident: "Illinois will only change it with SRS genital surgery, not with a therapist letter."

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OK, just done mine last week. All you need is to be on hormones for 6 to 9 months. Your hormone doctor needs write the letter that you have gone through all necessary changes to become female. Take it to BMV and change your gender, then I went to Social Security and changed it as well with the same letter. I have had NO surgery yet.

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Need: Court Order Est. Fee: $1 Call DMV

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Need: Amended Birth Certificate as Male. Est. Fee: $6

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Updated Sept 2013: From a Transman (anonymous) with other information

"Hello. Earlier this month I went to the circuit county clerk's office in Shepherdsville, KY and handed them the letter that my endocrinologist wrote for the Social Security sex change marker. It took forever because they had to e-mail and call a bunch of people. After a 30 minute wait, I signed a paper, took my photo, and got my new license! I am VERY HAPPY! Next week I am having chest surgery in Miami, then I can get the letter from the surgeon. After that I will be able to be legally male on my birth certificate by getting a notarized letter from my surgeon. I hope this information helps."

Another from Kentucky

Hi, I'm writing to give you current info on changing your driver's license info in Kentucky. Changing a name simply requires the court order of the name change. Changing the gender identifier requires your changed birth certificate (guys who have a birth certificate from a state that will not change the gender mark are, unfortunately, out of luck here) and a certified letter from your surgeon simply stating that you have undergone SRS. Naming the specific surgery is not required. Further, I had a learner's permit in Kentucky when I was underage but moved to Virginia, where I lived when I underwent surgery and had all my documents changed. When I moved back to Kentucky I assumed it would be a smooth process but I was wrong. They still had all my old info on file and I had to present them with my name change order, birth certificate, and surgeon's letter. I mention this only because I have known a lot of guys, myself included, who became a little too 'comfortable' after surgery and simply assumed all was well forevermore, but this isn't the case. I had lost track of my srs letter before I moved back to Kentucky and it was a pain to get a new one. My point is you never know when you're going to get a metaphorical smack in the face and need a copy of your name change order or letter from your surgeon. Those documents are as, if not more, important as your birth certificate and social security card and you need to take care of them. Just a little story of a lesson learned, for anyone who may be interested. Also, a license in Kentucky, as of 2013, is $20. I know this because I got a notice in the mail this week reminding me that my license is expiring soon and that is the cost of a new one. They charge the same to change any info on it. I hope this wasn't too much of a pain to read. Also, just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the website. It was one of the very first I found when I began my transition and I still check it out for updated info. It means a lot!

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Updated 8-02-04

Section: I Issuance of Driver's License Effective: 07/01/1991
Number: 22.01 Revised: 06/12/2002

If an applicant for or a holder of a Louisiana driver's license/identification card indicates that they have undergone a sex change procedure and desire to change the gender identification on the driver's license/ID card, the change will so be noted and a new driver's license/ID card issued.

The following will be required:

1. A medical statement signed by a physician stating that this person has undergone an operation for a sex change from _______ to ______ and that the sex or gender change has been successfully made.

2. In addition to the above, should the applicant or holder of a Louisiana driver's license/ID card seek a name change, a certified or true copy of a court order must be presented.
NOTE: A copy of court order and/or physician's statement must be included in the file.

Once the documentation has been verified and all other criteria has been met for the issuance of a driver's license/ID card, CHANGE OF DATA transaction will be processed on the DLRU20.

If the applicant has a Class "E" or "D" license or an ID card, a duplicate license fee will be required. If the license is a CDL license, a CHANGE DATA transaction will be done and the $15.00 application fee will be charged along with the $5.00 duplicate license fee.
on drivers license
  If you see this information listed on a website outside of The Transitional Male site, report to Nick Immediately

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Maine: Updated Aug. 21, 2006

Need: Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est .Fee: Unknown

This information is out-of-date according to a Transman who wrote in Aug. 21, 2006, new polocy is now in effect

I recently moved back to Maine and I went to have my license changed over from when I was living in Florida it still had an F on it..the dude handed me my new Maine license with the F...I gave him a letter from my therapist stating that I was a male from living as the gender for more than a year...he showed me the new now must have the SRS surgery to have it changed on your license when living in Maine. FYI.

My reply:


I appreciate this information. You know, if you have a hyst and breast removal, in some states, including mine, Oklahoma, and have a letter from both surgeons stating the surgery is permanent and irreversible, that may get this approved.


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UPDATED: There are now gender indicators or markers on Mass. driver's licenses. Before you had to request a gender marker be placed on your license using a form from the DMV. Unsure how to request a change but here is the info needed when you had to ask for a gender marker. Must accompany therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: $15 to amend license info, but this might not apply to changing gender markers. If you see this information listed on a website outside of The Transitional Male site, report to Nick Immediately

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Michigan Updated Mar 2012

Hi Nick,

I am doing some research for an advocacy presentation, and figured I'd share the information for Michigan.

The gender on a driver's license cannot be changed in Michigan without getting it changed on your birth certificate.

This requires a specific form be filled out by the surgeon following SRS which can be found at  which will have to be filed with a request for a new birth certificate  and a certified court order of legal name change (instructions at: ; need forms  and ). Fingerprinting will be required in the name change process. Not sure how things would change if no name change were involved.... at least the first two forms would be required, unclear if the court order would be necessary.

At least, that's how the process appears to work.....Hope that can help someone.....

C in Michigan

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Details unknown at this time. Call local DMV for proper information.

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Details unknown at this time. Call local DMV for proper information.

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Need: Doctors letter or Court Ordered gender change. Est. Fee: Unknown

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Need: Court Ordered gender change only. Est. Fee: $5

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Hi Nick,

I was going through your website and I wanted to update you on Nevada, I don't think surgery is necessary any longer, here is the form: and it states the person must be living full time. 

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New Hampshire

Need: Requires Sex Reassignment Surgery and verification letter from surgeon (hyst/chest/T). Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: None

ADDENDUM: From Jace March 2007:

Hi Nick. thanks for your web site and thank you for putting out the info regarding changing the law in NH regarding changing gender markers
on drivers licenses in NH. Wondering if you could add to that info, that I need people that would be willing to testify before a legislative
committee. I have had guys contact me. but when I mention it might mean them testifying, I never hear from them again. Not being judgmental
here. I understand the fear. I live with it everyday. From checking my car before I drive, to going outside every time I put my dogs out . I know NH is not a great place unless you are a redneck yankee, (guess that's judgmental). Anyway, thanks for posting my info. If you could just add onto that . that it does mean the possibility of taking a public stand. I've never considered myself an activist, at the same time, I know change happens with one person. Thanks for all the help. Jace


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New Jersey

Need: Doctors letter or Court Ordered gender change. May have changed by now; check. Est. Fee: Unknown

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New Mexico

Need: Request gender change affidavit form at DMV. Est. Fee: $16

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New York

Need: Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: Unknown

Update: August 20, 2003, from a New Yorker:

"Hey, I just got back from the NY State DMV to change the sex on my ID. Your info is right, but I asked the lady to give me the procedure that was on the DMV's computer. This is what it says: 4214-LAM License Amendments Proof Of Sex Change In order to amend a driver license to reflect a sex change, a statement from the physician, psychologist or psychiatrist must accompany the request. The statement must be on their letterhead and must certify the one gender predominates over the other and the licensee in question is either a male or female. Staple the statement to the Application for Driver license, Form MV-44 So all I had to give her was a letter from my endo." If you see this information listed on a website outside of The Transitional Male site, report to Nick Immediately

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North Carolina

Need: UPDATED. From  N.C. Resident: "You have to have a letter from your SRS surgeon stating you had at least top surgery, and a petition of name change from the court to get your sex changed on your drivers license."

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North Dakota

Details unknown at this time. Call local DMV for proper information.

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2013 Letter:

As of Aug 1. 2013 I was able to change my gender marker from F to M with a simple form that the BMV mails to you called "Declaration of gender change". You must have a doctor or license therapist filled out the form and then mail it back to them.



Updated 3-19-12 SRS SURGERY NO LONGER NEEDED! From an Ohioan: "Please please update the site with this new info so all the Ohio trans guys and girls can learn about this amazingly well-kept secret!"

Hi Nick!

I thought I should let you know that Ohio changed its driver's license laws concerning gender markers in Sept 2009. Trans and bigendered persons are no longer required to have an SRS surgeon's letter to change the M or F on their driver's license! :D All that is currently required is for a licensed surgeon, physician, or psychologist to fill out a form stating that their patient is transitioning or has completed the transition, and then the form is simply sent in and the info is changed in the system. No embarrassing face-to-face explanations at the local BMV, no run-around, no court hearings, no BS.

You do have to call the Ohio BMV's main office in Columbus and specifically request the form (it's not a commonly used form, so they print each one as needed), which they will then send to you to have your doctor fill out and sign. You aren't required to prove that you are "anatomically correct" (whatever the hell THAT means!), and you don't have to have had any surgery at all, even to be considered "completely" transitioned. If you and your doctor are certain the change is permanent and you will never want to revert to your original gender designation, then it's complete. You do have to pay regular BMV fees for a new license, which as of March 2012 is $21-26 depending on whether you're replacing a current, valid ID, renewing it with the changes made, or getting a completely new license. The entire process from start to finish takes about 2 weeks, plus any time spent waiting for your doctor to fill out the form.

Before I discovered this, the last time I'd had to get a new license was in 2008. The local BMV had told me that I needed surgery, which I had read by then on T-Male. I got hassled by airport security, got weird looks when I was carded for beer, and dreaded going to the inner-city BMV to renew my plates because OMG THEY'LL KNOW AND IT'LL BE AWKWARD. Imagine my shock when I learned, a week before I was due to get a new license, that the law had been VERY quietly changed THREE YEARS BEFORE and I had gone through all that unnecessarily! I laughed, then cried, then laughed and cried at the same time because HOLY SHIT ARE YOU KIDDING ME but OH MY GOD I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE SURGERY!

Here is a link to the full information, including the Columbus BMV office address and phone number:

The information I got from your site gave me the courage and resources I needed to finally show the world who I really am, and for that I can never thank you enough.



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By Nick: July 18, 2006:

Okay guys, here's the skinny on Oklahoma. I did it, I know. Before you proceed know this; if you go in and say there is a mistake on your drivers license, you are breaking the law! I confirmed this recently, to make sure it included giving false information to obtain gender marker change. IT DOES.

Don't be chicken shit; if you are worried about what people at the DMV will think; get over it. Myself and a friend of mine were treated very well.

Don't be like a local guy:

Oklahoma Law states as follows, to the letter, as posted in DMV offices:

Title 47 Chapter 6-3012.1 - Giving of false information on an application for an Oklahoma Drivers License or Oklahoma Identification Card, is a violation of state laws. This is a felony. Violators are subject to arrest in this office and their driving privilege may be suspended for 1 year.

You must have the following to change the sex/gender marker on your OK drivers license: You do NOT have to have genital reassignment surgery but you must have other documentation!

Note: The DMV clerk is required to make copies of all documentation you bring in!

Contact: (A scan of the business card I carry in my wallet - Nick)

Est. Fee: Up to $21.50

Thanks, Nick

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Need: Therapist or doctors letter (must be state approved therapist/clinic) verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: $11

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Need: Court Ordered gender change, amended birth certificate and doctors affidavit stating you have completed sex reassignment surgery. This may be much easier now. Contact your local Dept. of Transportation Est. Fee: Unknown at this time

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Rhode Island

Details unknown at this time. Call local DMV for proper information.

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South Carolina

Details unknown at this time. Call local DMV for proper information.

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South Dakota

Need: Court Ordered gender change. Est. Fee: $6

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Details unknown at this time. Call local DMV for proper information.

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Need: Court ordered gender change, amended social security card and old license. Est. Fee: $10

Posted March 4, 2007: "I just wanted to let you know of my recent personal experience with attempting a name and gender marker change in San Antonio, Texas, which is in Bexar county.  Wanting to be more assured of getting my name change without any issues, I went through an attorney.  I have been living as a male for over two years and since I still can't afford chest surgery, I knew I needed to at least move forward somewhat by getting rid of my female name.  After going to several judges, my attorney was finally able to get a judge to sign my name change, which she did without even seeing me.  He asked her about me being able to get a gender marker change without a surgeon's letter, and she told him that no one in Bexar county will agree to it because of a landmark ruling here stating that a person's gender is determined by their DNA at birth.  She said she would be willing to approve the change only with a surgeon's letter specifically stating that there had been genital surgery as well as chest surgery, and she's the only current county judge willing to go that far.  Of course, genital surgery for FTMs is in most cases not reasonable, nor affordable. 
The advice of this attorney was that if you are applying for a gender marker change in Bexar county, make sure your surgeon's letter makes it sound as convincing as possible that you have had both surgeries, and neither the lawyer nor the judge wants to know otherwise.  This way, if your gender marker is changed and you go to jail and are found with female genitalia, the "untruth" will go back to the surgeon and not the judge or attorney who facilitated your gender marker change.  Also, this particular judge will be stepping down in two years and there are currently no other sympathetic judges to go to in Bexar county.  There are some who will do name changes, but not gender changes.  This attorney did suggest that the term, "clitoral lengthening," could be utilized.  Since testosterone accomplishes this without surgery, it's a technicality--but it's not lying.
I know there are guys who have accomplished their name and gender changes in the past without so much trouble, but the future looks grim if you're looking to stay above the law in Bexar County.  While I'm thrilled to have my new name, it's still very frustrating and embarrassing to still be determined by the law to be female.  I did ask the clerk at the DMV if she could change it, but she said, "only with a legal court order."  I wanted to say, "but LOOK at I LOOK like a female to you?" 
When I went to the Social Security office and filled out the form there, I didn't know which gender box to check.  So I made an innocuous hash mark between the two and decided to let the clerk pick one.  I don't know which one he put down, but the court order for the name change specifically said I was female, so that probably screwed me if he looked at it closely.  Is there a way to find out how the Social Security Department has you listed?
Keep up the good work, and know how important your site is to a lot of people!

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Need: Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: Unknown

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Need: Copy of name change order. Request gender be changed. Est. Fee: Unknown

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New Info for 2013

Surgery is no longer required in the state to change the gender marker. All you need is a licensed provider ( including a doctor, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, social worker, or counselor) to fill out a form (found here: ) and fax that form to the DMV from their office. It can *not* be sent by the applicant, it has to be faxed form the licensed office. After a few days, you'll get a letter in the mail saying the change went through. At that point, you need to visit the DMV with your old license and that letter and they will change the marker.

Peace and rainbows,



I'm sure you hear all the time that your site is flippin' awesome. I had an update for the Virginia portion of the driver's license gender change section of your site. I asked the lady at the DMV to read off the requirements to me when I was just in there, and they are as follows:
Applicant must surrender old license and/or have other required forms of identification if license is destroyed/mutilated/lost.
Applicant must have a letter from an attending physician or surgeon stating that there has been an "irriversable" surgical procedure which alters the individual's function in the previous gender (i.e., you had a hysterectomy and therefore can no longer "function" as a female). (See note below)
Applicant must have a reissued birth certificate from the State Department of Health displaying the legal name change, if any, as well as the gender change. (See note below).
Since this isn't something that has been dealt with much in my little town, I figured I'd give it a shot with a little help from my testosterone-prescribing doctor. Since taking testosterone creates "irreversable" changes and inhibits (to at least some degree, if the dosage is high enough) an individual's reproductive functioning, my doctor wrote me a letter that merely stated, "through a combination of medication and other means, patient Dxxxx Gxxx is permanently and irriversably functioning in the male gender and as such qualifies to have the gender marker on his driver's license changed to male." I took this letter in and they asked me for my birth certificate (which I have in its original form with my old name and everything) and I mentioned to them that the Indiana birth certificates don't display the child's gender. After a little deliberation, they said seeing the certificate with just the name change would suffice and the letter was acceptible as well. All's I gotta do is wait for Indiana's weird State Dept. of Health hours to coincide with my work schedule so I can order a new birth certificate and I'll have a shiny new M stamped on my driver's license.

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Washington D.C.

Details unknown at this time. Call local DMV for proper information.

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Washington State

Updated 3/04/07

I ran across your site and thought I would update your info on washington state for changing the gender marker on the licence. I am going through the process right now.

Requirements (new policy change in april '06)

1. A letter from your doctor (medical - Phd.) stating that you are currently under treatment for GID and that it is medically necessary to the treatment.
2.  A letter from you stating intent ( asking them officially to change your gender marker)
3. A copy of your current drivers license.
They don't care about a councilors letter or how long you have been in transition.
Previous Update 7/18/06

Dear Nick,

I was informed last week by my therapist that Washington State (Olympia) has suddenly stated rejected therapist letters and said they are now requiring a year of therapy before they will amend the sex. The place I go to for counseling is looking into the issue as Washington State has not issued any known documentation stating that this is the new law, however, for transitioning persons like myself, this could become a potential problem. I will gladly send you an update when I get the correct updated information myself.
Sincerely, T
PS - Do you happen to know how you change the gender on your social security card? I have found conflicting information on the web and was wondering if you had any insight.
BTW - Awesome site man.

Previous Update 5/22/03: To change gender one needs two letters for Department of Licensing. (DOL)

1. A letter from the person requesting the change and why.
2. A letter from a therapist or physician supporting this change.

They need a certified copy of your name change order and your current drivers license. If you don't have a Washington drivers license one must be obtained before this whole procedure.

The whole mess must be mailed to DOL in Olympia, WA.

DOL will send back a letter stating your record has been changed and then you must go to a local DOL office and have a new picture taken, etc.

The cost of this is $10.00

Alternatively one can make an appointment with the main DOL office in Olympia and go in person (I did) and get the letter while waiting, and take that letter to the service counter.

 If you see this information listed on a website outside of The Transitional Male site, report to Nick Immediately

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West Virginia

Need; Court order for gender change Est. Fee: $10

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Need: Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment. Est. Fee: Unknown

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Therapist or doctors letter verifying living as male full-time and undergoing treatment and copy of name change order. Est. Fee: $15

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