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From the Gear Guy:

All of our Gear was Invented, Created, Designed and still being Made By a Transman - for  - Transmen.

They fit and they fit well! They work and work well - And my prices are within most budgets. Specials are run to help those who struggle financially yet need great gear.

What more could you want?"

Our email has changed - FTMGear@aol.com -  we are using only our old aol account from now on



- FTMGear©® - Gear Guy Gear©® -

Custom Made Just for You©®

We are the First, Longest Running Online Source For Packing Gear Specifically for Transmen & Drag Kings

Pack Well and Look Your Best

Est. 2001

Updated June 2016

Reasons why Transmen/Trans-Young Men and Drag Kings keep coming back:

  • No price gouging

  • Your privacy is protected at all phases - from gear request, to payment to shipment. No one knows what you are getting or why. I have countless stealth family and business men who wear my gear. I have a celebrity client who is not out to *anyone* but family and friends and no one will ever get me to tell them who he is or who my stealth guys are - never
  • No jacked up prices to fund an expensive shopping cart.
  • I'm about helping you feel whole and secure, knowing with each step in the ordering process, what your personal needs are as well as the best way to make something so it fits you and only you.
  • All of my gear if Custom made** - Not just some of it - ALL
  • I stick with the same Custom Made items because they work - and they work well.
  • No one else can claim 13 years of serving the Transman and Drag King community making custom, made packing gear.
  • You are given a cell number for texts or calls, if necessary so you are a text away from a question being answered or an update/ship notice from me


Featured Comment

"I am very happy to have found this site. I have been a customer since 2011 and have always received quality gear at great prices! You have gone above and beyond when it comes to service and shipping."  LK



Packer/STp/Pack-n-Play Holders:

Multiple item requests will receive an unadvertised special price!

FTM STUD Softy Packer Style STp - Start out with ours before the expensive brands! From $35!

Email: FtmGear@aol.com

 (If submitting a Direct request, please don't forget to tell us if you are 18 or over, address and country plus Payment form - thanks!

Shipping, Enhancements & other Info


FTM Cock Sock® From $15!!

FTM Velcro Top Packy Sac® From $15*

FaceBook: FTM Gear

Big Brothers Binder Program

FTM Cock Strap® From $11*


The BUDDy (A Custom Basic Urinary Device) from $10

Recent Comments


* Our Specials will bring your costs down!


About Us + Our STP & Packer Holder/Harnesses   About Our STP's

Although all of our gear is custom handmade - You're going to see a copy cat or two out there - Know this! They started out as our clients. Where do you think they got the idea from?

We can make holders/Harnesses specifically for the following! **

Non-STp and Professionally/Self adapted STp Packers:

  • ReelMagic®

  • Meta Man

  • Masho

  • Pierre

  • #1 laboratories model D

  • Python

  • 2nd Gen PeeCock®

  • FreeTom®

  • TZ Boa

  • Wider pouches for Mr. Right®

  • Slimmer pouches for Good Vibes Sailor®

  • More

Any size STP or prosthetic daily wear packer. If we don't have a modified version of our FTM Cock Sock & FTM Velcro Top Pouch designs yet, we will! We ask a few questions, then we make a proto type for you to test - once we get it right, we make however many you want then file an amended copyright for our main design.



No, they aren't fancy, costing you almost $100, often on sale -We offer the tried and true Softy style, great for anyone especially guys on a budget.  We have been making Softy type STP's since 2005.

And have we been making quality packing gear for more than 15 years, the other guy can't claim that - he was one of our clients before offering the custom made gear (yep)

Years ago, when we began there were 2 stp makers. For years, that was it. Then others started making them. Then one more came along. Then another - Now it's just gotten ridiculous. You guys are  spending a lot of money right and left on the newest gizmo then finding you don't like it. Then I welcome you back, with open arms and a great price on something you can use.

We'll make a damn fine STP for you and give you many diverter choices plus Silicone tubing for those with severe latex allergies! However, we use 99% protein free latex - that's pretty cool stuff and not as prone to causing allergic reactions.

We think of YOU first - we don't charge an arm and a leg, plus, turn around time is fast! Even with our Packaged Sets where you get the STP in 3.5" or 5.5" (Flesh tone or Caramel), we get them made, just for you and you only, then ship them out to your door.

Average turn around time: From Payment to Assembly to Shipment 5-7 working days depending on how busy we are

If you aren't ready for our FTM STUD softy packer style yet, try our FTM BUDdy and practice!



RECENT COMMENTS (text and email)

MH: " Received the sock (FTM Cock Sock) the other day. Am most pleased about the ways I can bend and flex the tubing (on his new FTM STUD 5.5"), knowing I am putting pressure at the glued connection points and not having any sign of trouble. Thanks again for all the extra you gave me (example: a courtesy corn starch sample - talc linked to cervical cancer) and the Excellent customer service/adjustments" (MH has custom feature needs that he requires - and he gets them!)

 Text from NR " Just got it (STP set)! I love it! Thanks, Bro!"


Text from DjD "Got package today - looks Good! Thank You!"


RB: I got my gear yesterday. Thank you for your prompt service!"

Text from VD " You could give the Mango some guidance in perfection. Your product is better - You have an artistic, clinical edge - what's not to appreciate?"


Text from  AW " The Velcro Top Pouch (FTM Packy Sac) is very cool Thanks, you are awesome!"


Text from SJR: Thanks, so much, man. Really appreciate you!"

Text from AJ: "I got my gear today (FTM Cock Socks) and everything looks good! Thank you so much!"

 Text from HT: "I love the wider bands (1.5" and the soft exterior (Tester of the prototype for the "Ahhh" FTM Cock Strap - available soon!) - it feels like I am wearing nothing! - it is fantastic!"


Text from JM in the UK "I received my parcel yesterday - I love it! (Single FTM STUD 3.5")

 More comments coming!

 More comments coming!

 More comments coming!

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Shipping and Other


-USA 1st Class - Flat $5!
-USA Priority - Flat $7!
-INT 1st Class - Flat $12!
-INT Priority - From $25 - $35 (depending on region)

Overnight available USA only $22


- PayPal
- US Postal Money Order (USA only)
- Bank Issued Check thru Bill-Pay
- Store Bought Money Order

(Cash is an option but it is NEVER ever required!!! Some prefer it. You always get a detailed or discrete receipt. You're choice)

Direct order Email & Photo submissions

-NEW EMAIL ADDRESS! Email to: FTMGear@aol.com
- Email Photos of your packer for high end custom work to: FTMGear@Aol.com
(Be sure to check your Spam folder, just in case!)


  Add-On Costs

-Jock Style Leg Straps 3/8" - $2 ea
-Jock Style Leg Straps 1/2" - $2 ea
- Colors available Black, White, Orange (Orange in 1/2" only)

Specialty Enhancement Descriptions - (see more in-depth below)

Pouch Style
-Basic STP adaptation* - $1 ea
Deluxe STP adaptation** - $3 ea
-All Elastic Strap Style
Deluxe STP adaptation*** - $2 ea

- Ultra Deluxe for FreeTom and PeeCock ****- $5


* Pouch Basic STP adaptation -  Addition of a strip or elastic or powernet on the upper backside. This holds the STp diverter up and out of the way when not in use, This style has a lower back side of the pouch

** Pouch Deluxe STP adaptation  -  Addition of a strip or elastic or powernet on the upper backside. This holds the STp diverter up and out of the way when not in use PLUS a sewn in reinforced horizontal or vertical opening, on the backside so diverter and tubing can be pulled out then tucked back in. This style has a high back side of the pouch-

**** Ultra Deluxe for FreeTom and PeeCock Long open back with velcro closure

*** Strap Style Deluxe STP adaptation  -  Addition of a strip or elastic or powernet on the upper back of strap. This holds the STp diverter up and out of the way when not in use PLUS a sewn in reinforced opening for the diverter and tubing to be pulled through. This is the only way the FTM Cock Strap will work with your STp


** Please Note: We will not copy another makers design. This means we cannot make a holder/harness with a ring style holder. We won't violate the rights to another's design We won't accept bribes, extra monies for a custom copy. We have been asked and told "How will they know?" *We* will know and because we do not want our designs copied, we will not copy others.- We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

®©™ All of our Holders and Harnesses are privately owned designs, their designs and names are protected by copyrights and patents pending. We will prosecute those who copy our designs.