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HAIR LOSS REMEDIES for Transmen - Doesn't Hurt to Try!

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Many of us suffer from male pattern baldness or pretty severe balding brought on my Testosterone. The culprit is DHT, a by product of Testosterone. It is everywhere in the body but it's effects are felt on the scalp area. DHT causes the hair follicle to shrink producing a smaller and smaller hair each time the hair falls out to re-grow to the point where the follicle stops producing a hair altogether. Products like RogaineŽ, a topical spray (once used as a high blood pressure medicine that takers found to re-grow their hair) and PropeciaŽ (also known as Proscar) which was originally created to help fight acne. Some have an opposite effect and see their acne get worse when taking the drug (me, being one). It's other nasty side effect is erectile dysfunction, which I also experienced.

Here are some alternatives submitted by Ethan.


From Ethan:

Just to share my experience and what I use that works. I use Jason's Thin to Thick hair products, an all
natural shampoo and hair treatment. I also use Jason's "stuck up" hair styling stuff because it doesn't seem
to clog my pores like other stuff does. Jason's can be purchased at any natural food store.

I started out using Nixon shampoo and hair treatment, which works just as well, but is not all natural.
Nixon can be purchased at more high end beauty salons.

These two items work as preventative hair loss.

I just recently started using Milagro's Abundant Hair Oil. This actually made my hair grow back!! One can no
longer see the scalp on the top of my head. It worked pretty quickly too. I just put some on at night and
wash it out in the morning. This stuff is also all natural. It can be bought at

I am really amazed by the Milagro stuff. I have been fighting hair loss since taking T and this is the only
thing I have found that really works. I actually like my hair again. I am growing it out instead of keeping
it all short to hide my baldness.

 There are many hair loss remedies available for you to try out. Do your homework on hair loss and you'll discover that all kinds of hair loss claims are totally bogus. It's might be surgical, but keep in mind that a hair transplant might be your answer.


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