Name Change Information by State

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Arizona: In Arizona, an adult is a person who has attained the age of 18 years. For a minor to obtain a name change, a parent or guardian must file the minor's name change application. An adult may change their name by filing an Application in the Superior Court in the county they live in, such as Maricopa County. The court must find that the requested name change is reasonable.  In the case of being a transsexual, it is best to be honest when filling in the area asking why you wish to change your name. Writing Gender Dysphoria/Sex Reassignment is a good idea.  A person is not allowed to change their name in order to avoid judgments or legal actions against him or her, or to avoid debts and obligations.  A person can not change their name to defraud anyone. It is not required to place your intent to change your name in a local publication or newspaper, however the court may order that notice of intent to change your name by publication of the notice in a local newspaper or by service upon any interested party. The court has the discretion to order notice be submitted to a publication which would serve as a notice to the general population. Following any notice, there will be a brief court hearing.  If the court is satisfied that the statutory requirements have been met, an "Order for Change of Name of Adult" will be court issued. The person is then free to use their new name. A name change in Arizona acts to substitute the new name for the old. For further information, contact the Arizona State Vital Records Office.


Michigan: I have created a page for Michigan's Name Change Information: www.thetransitionalmale.com/michigan-nc.html


Oklahoma: In Oklahoma, name changes can be done without an attorney and all forms must be filed in the district court in the county where the petitioner resides. It is best to have everything in triplicate before filing. If you don't, you will be asked to before you can file the appropriate name change papers. If the person requesting the name change is under 18 years of age, the name change must be filed by a parent or guardian.  The name change forms are self explanatory and easy to fill out. The court must find that Petition is free of false material allegations and that the name change is not being done for any illegal or fraudulent purposes, such as to avoid creditors or to run from the law. A person can not change their name to defraud any person. Always tell the truth on your name change request, write: Gender Dysphoria/Sex Reassignment. (I did and my name was changed without a problem). Notice of the name change and the date of hearing must be published in a newspaper authorized by law and must appear once at least ten (10) days prior to to the date set for hearing. Name change forms may be found at Office Max or other major office supply stores- if not, call the country clerks office in your county and ask how to obtain them.

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