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if i get my name change legally do i have to get a new birth certificate to and passport or how does this work....i 'm taking your advice on not changing Sex on documents due to no hysto yet but to change just name and then just get by with the sex mark in other ways ..then when i change sex mark for birth certificate then i get a new one right?

It depends on what state you are in. See the page Changing Name and Sex on BC area. Name & Sex Change on BC

Regarding Passports:

From Spencer Bergstedt's Book, Translegalities; A Legal Guide for FTM, published and copyrighted 1997:

(paraphrasing) Contact local US Passport Office for forms and what process you need to follow.

Excerpts from the actual book:

"This is notoriously the most difficult legal identification to get altered...if you have a passport already, in your female name, it will be much easier to get it changed. Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Sec. 51.24 governs name changes. Get new passport photos done, get a letter from your surgeon about your SRS surgery (Nick's Notes: if this is even still required, you'll need to ask)"

"Fill out form DSP-82 (application for passport by mail), checking the box for male, send it along with the old passport, a certified copy of the name change order, the surgeons letter, [your two identical photos] and the application fee."

"If you do not yet have a passport, you'll need your birth certificate, identification, letter from your doctor or therapist, the application form, 1 passport photos and your application fee"

"You can also apply for a provisional passport, good for 12 months, which includes your gender marker as the gender which you are now living and presenting. This is one requirement for such a passport however, which is that you must indicate to the Passport Office that you will be seeking SRS within 12 months of the issuance of passport."

You might want to contact Spence about whether this information is still current:  or . He's an FTM, by the way.

I hope this helped!


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