Tips on Treating Scars

If you have Keloid or Hypertrophic scarring, there are several methods out there for treating these at your local drug store. All listed are over the counter and can be special ordered.

I recommend using a product that is within your budget because the treatments listed can be expensive.

Updated May 7, 2003

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What I recommend & have used:

Mederma > A topical gel. Has to be applied for months before any change is possible. Average tube is 24 ounces. Cost: Between $24 and $35 per tube though price can vary.

Spenco 2nd Skin Adult Scar Management Pads > Reusable! Best size to buy: 3" x 4" pad. This size comes one in a box. Pads are clear gel silicone. Can be trimmed to width of scar. If incision scar is long, like that of double incisions, you can use paper medical adhesive tape and tape two cut sections together to make one that is as long as your scar with about 1/2 inch extra length at each end. How to Use: You should wear your pads on each scar for up to 24 hours but no less than 12 to do the job. Must be worn for at least 3 months to notice a change or to prevent bad scarring after surgery.  Pad life span: Strips/Pads can be used for up to 30 days before adhesive quality deteriorates. Good care of your strips/pads is a must to prolong their life. Care of your Strips/Pads: Remove with care, wash the silicon gel strip/pad with regular hand soap. Don't use a soap with moisturizer like Dove. It will hinder the stickiness. Wash each strip/pad well with soap and rinse with warm water. Make sure you wash your scars well, too, for maximum re-adhesion when you reapply them. Storing your Strips/Pads: When not wearing your scar strip/pads, place clean on a slick sheet of plastic. If you have taped two sections together, do not remove the tape. It will pull the top layer off the strip/pad which will expose the sticky silicon under it and you will no longer be able to use it; the whole thing will stick to itself and be ruined. Average Cost: Between $10.68 (The Medicine Shoppe) to &19.99 (Eckerd Drug) Ordering Information: Have your pharmacist call Spenco at: 1-800-877-3626 Product Code: 2935427 Email: Website:



Curad Scar Therapy Pads > Non-reusable. Comes 21 per box. Price is about $20 per box (Eckerd Drug)  Pads are white and they are small. Approx. 1" x 3" Good product in a pinch but I recommend asking your pharmacy to order Spenco 2nd Skin Adult Scar Management Pads


'New Skin', Papaya & Rose Hip Oil: A submission to the site: " I would like to share a scar remedy. Actually I have a few. The first is something called New Skin on the site:  Another is using papaya enzyme directly on the scar will help to remove the dead skin and eventually the scar itself will go away. I'm doing that right now and also going to start the rosehip oil too. It already looks better. Just keep exfoliating the skin in some natural way with the enzymes (Zia makes a papaya peel) and it should help."

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