Transmen/FTM's and Selective Service

by Conner and more Info from C-Dog

This information was submitted to me through email. Nick

I was asked a very interesting question, which was, "Do FtMs have to register with the Selective Service?"

I never thought of it, but it is a great question. I called the Selective Service at (847) 688-6888 and found out that Female to Male transsexuals are exempt from registering with the Selective Service, but they need the Selective Service to give them a letter stating so. This question has come up before, and the Selective Service will type up this letter saying plainly that you are exempt from registering, but will not say why.

This letter is important if an FtM applies for educational loans and a few other things where that question is asked, "Did you register for the draft?" They have to have that letter, or face the possibility of getting into serious trouble.

Since there are a lot of FtM's who are between the ages of 18 and 26, then this is important information for them to have, whether there is a draft or not. This has to get out to all the young men in our community. Spread the word.

The Selective Service is prepared for this, so call them if you have any questions. Each young FtM must have this letter in their files.


I was reading your section about selective service and transmen and wanted to add a little more information.

Selective Service's website,, has an option to "Get Form to Request a "Status Information Letter" (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)". This letter is better known as the "SIL", for obvious reasons.

Guys just download and print this form then submit it with any necessary documentation. By all means, keep copies. In about 3-4 weeks, they will get a letter that says that they are not required to register, as you have stated already. Just wanted to let you know that this can be done off of the website for guys who are not quite comfortable in revealing their status yet.

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