Updated August 2016

Stroheckers has been a great resource for quality medications.

However! Stroheckers can NO LONGER make/compound/offer Compounded Injectable Testosterone in Oil. They can only offer Name Brand and and Topical Cream version testosterones.

Due to an error made by a another pharmacy (Not Stroheckers) compounding contaminated testosterones, that caused illness, No compounding pharmacy in the USA may compound testosterone in injectable form: they may only compound topical or offer name brand injectable form.

Also, please call to make sure they can ship to your state. Unfortunately, states change their guidelines as to what outside pharmacies can ship what to where.

Please note, it might be best to call Strohecker's to make sure they can ship to your state before having your doctor fax a prescription or sending a hard copy

If you need to talk to them about this issue or for more information, contact toll free: 877-252-9396. If it just rings, try the toll number. They welcome your call

Strohecker's Pharmacy
2855 SW Patton Road, Suite A
Portland, OR 97201
1-877-252-9393 (May just ring...if so, you will need to call the regular number)

Stroheckers website:

In- State and Out-Of-State clients: You must now provide a valid drivers license when phoning in a refill or arrange for a new prescription to be sent to you.

They did not require this in the past but they do now so, please have your drivers license ready when you call them or leave a message arranging for a refill.



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