TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  For your education and protection


 Use of any stp item, no matter whom made by, especially the FTM STUD, is at your own risk!

We do not guarantee nor suggest that every one can use one of these successfully, no matter who makes them

 There is always a risk of irritation and or infection, given where the receptacle must be placed, & due to several factors, which include but are not limited to:  Your immune system, your hygiene habits, usage habits as well as failure to keep any of the items or components clean.

 By purchasing, you understand that You are solely responsible for these items being inspected regularly and before use for cleanliness, defects or problems.

 By purchasing, you understand that You concede to the maker that you are capable of making an educated decision to purchase this set and accept any known or unknown risk.

 By purchasing, you understand that You are not share this item with another person, If you do so, you agree to accept full responsibility for their actions plus any and all liabilities and or detrimental occurrences.

 By purchasing, you understand that if You use it for for sexual reasons, despite our warnings, you do so at risks outlined to you clearly. Have an emergency plan on hand. If you cut you or your partners vaginal or anal tissue or the back of the throat, you will need to act immediately and know that we did everything humanly possible to educate you and warn you against even trying this! If you do it, you are on your own

 By purchasing, you understand that There is no promise or implied promise that this item will work for you. Experiences vary. It takes practice yet some never get proficient at using a device such as this.

 Any person receiving a 5.5" and find that it is too big/long, You cannot return it for an exchange, refund or return for any reason; it is yours whether you can use it or not

 Remember, nothing is perfect things happen and nothing is intentional on our part, if it does

No guarantees, no refunds, no returns, no exchanges - If defective because of something we did, it will be fixed for free!

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