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Texas Marriage: Some helpful hints on how to accomplish in this state

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By anonymous

Hey Nick
Thanks for the great information you posted regarding the marriage issue in Texas.
First, let me just say that I live in San Antonio and know, all too well, the case involving Phyllis Frye.  It was Christie Lee Littleton's case (whom I personally know), and the judge at the time, Phil Hardberger (4th Circuit Court of Appeals) is now our mayor.  In my opinion, he's done a good job so far as mayor even though I abhor his judicial record.
I'm FTM and married a bio female because, as you probably already know, all you need is identification showing that you are "male".  It's something I'm not worried about because unlike Christie Lee, I don't foresee any problems with either of our families.  That's basically where CL's problems started.
Some really good advice that was given to my wife and I by Phyllis was to get re-married using a Federal I.D., like a passport.  That way, not only do I have a State issued I.D. stating that I am male, but also a Federal one to back it up.  Any other guys (FTM) out there wanting to marry a bio female might want to go ahead and get married the first time using a passport as identification.
Like just about anywhere, Texas doesn't have any solid "rules" regarding changing birth certificates, etc.  I got a court order with name and gender change using a local attorney who charged only a fraction of what Phyllis wanted...that's an ENTIRELY other subject however!  Anyway, he knew which judge to use who wouldn't throw me out of the courtroom since we have a whole shitpot full of conservative asshole judges around here (and yes, it has happened to several FTM's and MTF's).  All went well including getting the gender marker changed on my birth certificate and re-issued with my new name/gender.
I would be happy to answer any other questions relating to this topic, but am going to have to ask that, if you publish this on your web site, that you don't put my name.  Only to protect myself and my wife, I'm sure you understand.
Thanks for all of the great work and for your fantastic and informative site.

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