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Changing your name on your Social Security Card

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One of the first documents you need to obtain is an amended Social Security card under your new name.

You'll need:

Your current Social Security with another document showing your old and and your legal new name. Below is a list of documents Social Security accepts as valid forms of ID.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (not the credit card)
  3. State driver's license
  4. State or US government employee ID card
  5. School ID and or school records (iffy, don't count on this one being acceptable)
  6. Military ID or records
  7. Court ordered name change paper
  8. Adoption records (maybe, call to make sure)
Social Security doesn't accept a birth certificate as identification. Persons born overseas will need proof of US citizenship or lawful alien status.

Social Security accepts only original documents and certified copies notarized by the county clerk.

No photocopies are accepted.

You don't necessarily need an amended SS card to change your name  bank accounts or your utilities; often they will just ask for a photocopy of your court ordered name change paper. Your bank will most likely wan5t to see your drivers license. Be sure to get the name changed on your license before you attempt changing your name on legal orientated documents. Don't worry about the sex still being F if you are unable at that point to change the sex on your drivers license.

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