Changing Sex/Gender on Drivers License Info:

State by State DMV/BMCV/DOT Websites

Updated Dec 2014  -

These may not be perfect but, it's better than nothing or thumbing through the yellow pages

State Index Click the state you are interested in, to be taken to that states Department of Motor Vehicles or Similar website. There you will find information/phone numbers.

NEW FOR 2015 - Because it is impossible for me to hire the manpower to call every state, every month for statute or requirement changes, this is how The Transitional Male site will be supplying and handling information

States change their requirments and fees often. Over the past 16 years, I have found that people become very frustrated and/or angry with me when they feel I have supplied bad or inaccurate information to them.

Rather than continue to post 'How to' and 'Fees' - I have chosen to forego this and allow the person needing to change their gender marker on their license, to obtain accurate information for themselves by supplying a fast link to your states DMV/BMV/DOT page and I haven't given you outdated information.

The only thing that *may* change, is the actual states site URL. This is rare but, it can happen and I cannot be blamed for it. Smile and Happy 2015!

Nick Site Owner

P.S. Please don't write stating that you have no internet access so, how can you obtain the website? (Yes, I have gotten emails like this) You or someone on your behalf is here so, you or they can visit the website and get phone number and addresses by visiting the website for the desired state.


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