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New Listing for 2015 - Dr. Wynter Kipgen - Oklahoma City


= Red Flag Warning - Choose this physician with care. Details from actual patients included. A red flag warning is placed only on listings where a patient felt violated or asked/required to do something they did not want to do or charged extremely high prices for injections

= Great Review from actual patient posted




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California Endocrinologists and Doctors (Hormonal Treatment)  Address Contact
Dimensions Clinic (at the Castro-Mission Health Center)
Dr. Debra Brown - Medical Director
 Information you need to know:
My name is Esteban and I'm a fellow ftm located in san francisco. I work at a Queer Youth Health Clinic called Dimensions with over 30% trans patients and I've been looking at your site for information for years now. We do Transgender Care- Hormones/Labwork/Referrals/Counseling, etc.  We accept insurance or do sliding-scale for folks without insurance.  I just realized the clinic doesn't have any info on your page yet so I figured I'd send you the goods. 
Thank you and keep up the good work, you're helping many people!
-Esteban Rodriguez 
Outreach/ Health Worker II


3850 17th St. San Francisco, CA 94114



Appts: 415-487-7500
Info: 415-487-7589



Richard S. Horowitz, M.D., F.A.C.P
Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Metabolic Diseases


Submitted through email in 2009

  By Appointment
Telephone: 310.358.7200
Fax: 310.358.7211
8635 W. Third Street
Suite 885 W.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90048
Lisa Snow MD
350 30th St.
Oakland CA 94906
Look up, please
Kenneth Peters MD

South Drive Medical Clinic
515 South Drive #15
Mountain View CA 94940
(650) 961-9430
Charles Moser

45 Castro Street Ste 125
San Francisco CA94114
(415) 621-4369
Renata Smilo MD

2645 Ocean Ave Ste 207
San Francisco CCA 94132
(415) 333-9984
Dr. Jeff Sandler, MD
4065 3rd St. San Diego, CA (619)497-6188
Dr. Eric Gold, MD
7930 Frost St.
San Diego, CA


Colorado Endocrinologist

 Address Contact
Dr. Robert R. Janowski, M.D.

Closed his practice - If you have a new listing for Colorado, please submit


Connecticut Endocrinologist

 Address Contact
William Petit, MD, FACP, FACE
PHONE    860-747-4377    FAX 860-747-5047
L. Everett Seyler Jr, MD 100 Retreat Ave
Hartford CT
The Gender Identity Clinic of New England 68 Adelaid Road
Manchester, CT 06040
(404) 355-3232


Florida Endocrinologist Address Contact

Dr Faber

From a client:
He is excellent! And his staff is amazing. very private. and he is a general physician so visits are not questionable. he also considers Trans the same as intersex. been seeing him for years. cant continue because ive moved, but highly recommended!

100 W. Gore St.
Suite 405 Orlando FL 32806


Georgia Endocrinologist

 Address Contact
(404) 355-3232


Louisiana Endocrinologist

 Address Contact

Dr. Robert K Saucier

2539 Viking Drive
Bossier City, La 71111


Massachusetts Endocrinologists  Address Contact
Vin Tangpricha M.D. 
Boston Medical Center


720 Harrison Ave #402
Boston MA 02118
617-638-7470 email:  
Daniel D. Federman, MD
Brigham Medical Group Foundation


25 Shattuck St Boston, MA 02115 617-432-1497
Chestnut Hill Medical Center


25 Boylston St.,Suite
212 Chestnut Hill, MA 02167
Evans Medical Group








 Requires Full Body Exams for TS patients

Dr. Stuart Chipkin will refuse/withhold testosterone prescription unless you consent. He will not compromise; you must strip to your birthday suit EVERY SINGLE VISIT.

Many patients have felt very violated yet they did as he asked in order to get their THRT prescriptions.

If you feel as if you have been placed in a compromising position by this physician, write Nancy Achin-Sullivan a detailed, nice, professional "Registered or Certified Letter" regarding your situation.

Nancy Achin Sullivan, Executive Director
10 West St., 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 727-3086/ Fax: 451-9568
(800) 377-0550


720 Harrison Ave., #601 
Boston, MA 02118-2334
Dr. Stuart Chipkin
Bay State Medical Center








 Requires Full Body Exams for TS patients

Dr. Stuart Chipkin will refuse/withhold testosterone prescription unless you consent. He will not compromise; you must strip to your birthday suit EVERY SINGLE VISIT.

Many patients have felt very violated yet they did as he asked in order to get their THRT prescriptions.

If you feel as if you have been placed in a compromising position by this physician, write Nancy Achin-Sullivan a detailed, nice, professional "Registered or Certified Letter" regarding your situation.

Nancy Achin Sullivan, Executive Director
10 West St., 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 727-3086/ Fax: 451-9568
(800) 377-0550



3300 Main St., Suite 3A
Springfield, MA 01199


Missouri Endocrinologist  Address Contact
John Daniels, M.D.








Nick/T-Male Owner recommends this Endo. highly.

Great guy; nice 'bed-side' manner. Very understanding when I spoke to him in 2000 about a disheartening problem.

Dr. Daniels was helpful during a debacle in 2000 when a deranged person lurking in FTM email support groups, gleaning information about members and their doctors, started calling their offices telling them their patients were saying untrue things about them then threatening to turn them into local medical boards for treating transsexuals. Dr. Daniels was one of the unfortunate doctors who heard from this person.

He was ever so nice and understanding when, after hearing from a patient upset about being threatened by that awful person, I called Dr. Daniels to clear up a few things about the problem, that his patient had never uttered an unkind word about him and to ignore the threatening call he received from that nut.


One Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza, Suite 17416
St. Louis, MO. 63110

314) 362-5100,
fax (314) 362-4279.



New Jersey Endocrinologists & Hormone MD's  Address Contact
Lisa O'Connor, M.D.
Healthy Transitions, LLC  

New Jersey Office specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy for all Trans clients
1390 Valley Rd, Suite 1E
Stirling, NJ 07980
Ofc: 908-647-1688
Fax: 908-647-5180


New York State & City Endocrinologists  Address Contact
Dr. Paresh Dandona  Diabetes-Endocrinology Center of Western New York


 In short, a haven!

All three doctors are compassionate, professional, and competent.  Dr. Dandona is internationally known in his field, and has had much experience with the TG community.  The nurse, Patty, is a tremendous help with injections, and there is a nutritionist available to all who use the practice, not just diabetics.  In short, a haven!


3 Gates Circle
Buffalo  NY  14209
Dr. Walter Futterweit
1172 Park Ave.


New York, NY 10028 212-876-6400
Dr. Bartalos


Dr. Bartalos doesn't let FTM patients self-inject; charges $150 per visit for each injection



30 W 60th (212) 262-5291


Oklahoma Endocrinologists    
OKLAHOMA CITY  Address Contact

  Dr. Wynter Kipgen M.D.

Dr. Kipgen has taken over Jonathan Davis' patients and seeing only new TS/TG patients.

You must have one of the following:

  • Referral from a doctor who has been treating you with THRT
  • Letter from a Therapist (There is no determinate time frame in which you need to be seen, just a letter from a mental health professional stating you are ready for this next step)
  • If you have moved into the area from another state and having a hard time getting in touch with your former doctor or TG center, establish yourself with a local Therapist and obtain your new letter that way. She may allow you to have the letter faxed but please ask, first

Note from Nick; I will be establishing myself with her in July 2015 and will write a review here afterward.


3555 NW 58TH ST
Phone:(405) 608-4520

Fax: (405) 608-4523



Jonathan Davis, M.D.

 Davis was and is a great guy - He put off retiring another 3 years from his original date in 2011, because he didn't know what would happen to his patients if he was not there. That is not an exaggeration

He tried for years to get someone to take over for his TS/TG patients and was unsuccessful - I met a few of them, myself. It just wasn't something these prospective doctors wanted to get involved with. 

He was my Endo for 19 years until his retirement - Please visit the listing above, if you live in the OKC Metro area or wish to drive from outlying areas of Oklahoma

Submitted by owner of The Transitional Male - Nick





If you were Dr. Davis' patient and need your records, call: (405) 644-6232






Pennsylvania Endocrinologists  Address Contact

Dr. John Kim

...he is WORTH a drive if need be

From an actual patient:

"I know (firsthand) that there's an AMAZING OB/GYN in Pennsylvania who is not only LGBTQ-friendly, but who is also more than happy and eager to work with FTMs to help their ongoing care and assist them in any way possible with their transitions.  Not only has he helped same-sex couples have children, but he is actively learning the nuances of FTM culture, medicine, needs, the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care, and is VERY open to FTM clientele.  He is great with working with men like my husband, and is quietly sweet, sensitive, and supportive.  I cannot recommend him more to the FTM community anywhere in his vicinity -- and, honestly, he is WORTH a drive if need be!

Please keep this anonymous (to everyone), but I can confirm without a DOUBT that he is
very sensitive to the needs of our families, to our individual needs, and
actually...our wants.  That's hard to find, especially here.."


1108 Van Buren Road
Suite 301
(Just off Nazareth Road above the Bank of America)
Easton, PA
Phone: 610-923-0484
Fax: 610-923-0485

Click for Mapquest directions



Jeffery S. Freeman, D.O.

Also has offices in Norristown and Pottstown, Pa

4190 City Ave Suite 324
Philadelphia, Pa 19131
Ph # 215-871-1916
Dr. Ben Gocial Clinic for Women's Health
Dr. Gocial is one of the good guys

From an actual FTM patient: "After an initial interview that included reviewing my medical records and my therapist's letter and some discussion about my plans and my options, Dr.Gocial provided me with a script for T.  I have to admit that I was pretty nervous but he put me at ease quickly with a professional and respectful manner.  He doesn't pretend to know it all, and will listen and discuss alternatives without coming across like he's as the one who makes the decisions.  He also makes no objection to my plans to rid myself of what are healthy, but female, organs, and has gone out of his way to help me investigate surgery options.  Like I told Nick, Dr. Gocial is one of the good guys."


S.15th St.
Allentown, PA


Texas Endocrinologist

 Address Contact
Dr. Jaime Vasquez, DO Family Practice


He [Dr. Vasquez] is an amazing doc.

He volunteers for the community Trans health night at the Nelson-Tebedo Clinic every third Monday of each month. Trans health night is a great program that allows for cost-effective hormone treatment for both MTF and FTM individuals. Walk-ins are absolutely welcome. A letter of rec is required.



2929 Welborn Street
Dallas, TX 75219
Dr. Luis J. Rodriguez
Texas Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology

From one of his FTM patients:

"I found him to have a fantastic "bed-side manner". 

He has had many many FTM patients and is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. His nurse (whose name escapes me) was awesome.  She was so cool about  helping me get through the indignity of the damn Gyno exam the doctor wanted me to have. He requires a therapist's letter.


7400 Fannin Ste. 850
Houston TX 77054
tel: (713) 791-1874
fax: (713) 796-2343


Wisconsin Endocrinologist  Address Contact
Mark P. Behar, PA-C, CRA, MPAS
Milwaukee Health Services, Inc.
From on of his FTM patents:

He is awesome!

My name is XXXX and I am starting T this week. I found Dr. Behar on the Forge list but had not heard of him much in Milwaukee. He is awesome! I had a full physical and blood work, very in depth. He works at a very accessible clinic with two different sites in the city.  There is a sliding scale, very affordable.  Some are eligible for GA-MP insurance which may cover all expenses (Milwaukee Co residence).  He does self educating about ftm guys and made me feel very comfortable.  I think he is a pretty great doctor for Milwaukee ftm guys. 


2555 N. Martin Luther King Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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