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    Assembly & Shipping


    1: Question:
    How long will it take to make my STUD STP and/or STUD STP with Gear?

    At present, the turn around time is about 7 working days depending on how many holders/harnesses you requested with your STP.

    Nothing is pre-made. Remember, this is custom gear, made just for you.


    2: Question:
    How long does it take to get to me once my gear has shipped?

    In the USA - Unless included in the price (clearly posted)  the flat shipping fee of $6 is for Priority 2-3 business day mail. This does not count weekend or holidays.

    This is not a guaranteed service so, that means it can take longer and there is not a thing we can do about it.

    If you chose Overnight (1 day express for $25) this is 1 business day in most areas, however some smaller cities to towns can tale 2 days.

    This IS a guaranteed service.

    Outside the USA (Canada and Overseas) It varies - the shipping prices and options are listed on the forms


    3: Question:
    If I ask to Rush my gear; for my gear to be made sooner than the days outlined or ask you to put mine before someone who paid before me, maybe offer you money to, will you do it?

    No. ALL items are made in the order paid for. This is the fair and just thing. I doubt you would want us to place another's before yours, even though you paid before they did...yes?

    Please don't ask.


    4: Question:
    What if my package doesn't arrive? Do you guarantee anything, what is your policy?

    It is rare for a package to be lost. It is even more rare for tracking to show delivered and it not actually be delivered. But, it can happen and when it does...

    if your package doesn't arrive, we will have a tracking number we will check. If your package was sent Priority, even International Priority, we will be able to track it from where we drop it off (post office) to each step towards the final destination and up to it's final destination. The website will show "DELIVERED".

    If your package shows DELIVERED, and you claim it did not arrive, it is YOUR responsibility to find it. We cannot do a thing from our end once it shows Delivered.

    You will need to file the appropriate paperwork with your local postal office, bringing the tracking information with you. be sure you give them the Tracking number WE gave you, to the number and letter, if need be. If you provide them with the wrong tracking number, it may show it was not delivered. You must provide them with the information we give you. we cannot, repeat, Cannot, file the paperwork from our end when tracking shows a successful delivery to your address.

    We will have fulfilled our obligation. We made what you paid for, shipped it as promised and once we hand over the package to the postal service, it is out of our custody, care and control.

    We will not issue a refund on a package that shows Delivered. Period. No discussion.

    If it can be proven that the package is truly lost and it has not been returned to us within 30-45 days of shipping, we will remake your items at no cost.

    We will file the appropriate paperwork from our end, if tracking shows it never arrived, to try to find our gear. You will NOT have to do this. You cannot file the paperwork. You will only have to if the tracking shows a successful delivery to your city/address.

    We reserve the right to decline remaking and sending new items to a problematic address/country. In that case and ONLY in that case, if a package does NOT show it was Delivered and it does not come back to us, safe and sound within 30 - 45 days, then and only then, will we issue a partial refund less shipping or other associated costs.


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    1: Question:
    Are STUD STP's perfect?

    No. Nothing is perfect. Great care is taken when making your STP but never expect perfection. All are tap water tested before sending.

    They will not be shipped, if they do not work.


    2: Question:
    How long will my STUD STP last?

    That depends.

    If you are rough on your gear, it will wear out sooner.

    If you are gentle with your gear and take good care of it, some have used their STUD STP for 2-3 years without incident


    3: Question:
    How often should my STUD STP be replaced?


    If you use it every day and are rough on your gear , then we suggest you replace it every 3 months, often sooner.

    If you use it once in a while and are gentle with your gear and treat it with respect, there is no need to replace any sooner than every 6 months or so.

    4: Anatomy of the STP

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    More STUD STP FAQ's


    1: Question:
    The tubing started peeking out of the tip; why did this happen and how do I fix it??

    This is NORMAL!

    The oils used in the making of the softy type packer reacts with latex tubing, causing it to swell and elongate (get longer).

    This causes it to come out of the tip, if we did not have enough time to allow your STP to sit (usually a week) before shipping.

    If we can let it sit a while, we trim the tubing back into the head/tip and then the issue should not occur again.

    To fix:

    1. Pull the penis head back so the tubing shows a bit more.

    2. Using Gel type Hand Sanitizer, rub a generous amount along the outside of the exposed tubing and a bit under the head along about 1/2 of the tubing inside.

    3. Cut off only 1/2" of tubing showing; no more!

    4. Pull the head, gently, back over the tubing so it is now back inside the penis shaft head


    ------- mssf2

    2: Question:
    The tubing has swollen inside the shaft! Why does this happen and will it hurt the packer penis shaft?

    The swelling, as outlined in question one of this section, is absolutely normal.

    The oils used in the making of the softy type packer reacts with latex tubing, causing it to swell and elongate (get longer).

    This actually helps the function of the STP! The wider the bore of the tubing inside the shaft, the better fluid will move through it.

    This is why we do not use a huge bore tubing! The tubing we use actually doubles in size when it swells!

    Don't worry about it. It won't hurt/won't split the penis shaft - the softy type packers we use will stretch more than 1,000 times normal size and return original size

    ------- mssf3

    3: Question:
    The tubing came out of the shaft - all of it - why?


    You are being too rough with it.

    We don't melt an opening through the entire length of the shaft like some others; only a small opening about 1/2" - 3/4" inside the head is made and a small opening in the back.

    The insertion tool we created, allows us to penetrate the length of the shaft, thread the tubing into the tool then extract the tool, leaving the tubing inside.

    The inside shaft grips the tubing and holds it tightly in place.

    As with anything; this isn't perfect. if you pull on the tubing, are rough with it when inserting into a holder/harness, eventually, you will work the tubing out of the shaft.

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    Communication Text/Email FAQ's


    1: Question:
    If I am given a cell number, can I text or email asking how my gear is progressing?

    We prefer that you not. And if texts/emails are sent , despite this, we reserve the right to refund your money, on the spot.

    The squeaky wheel may be left with nothing

    ------- cf2

    2: Question:
    Are calls allowed?

    No - never. Doing so will result in a refund less shipping and nothing sent.

    ------- cf3

    3: Question:
    What about sending you photo messages of myself or stp's I have and want to show you as an example?

    Always, always ask first! never send anything without asking...don't assume it will be ok.

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    Receptacle FAQ's


    1: Question:
    Why are the receptacles so hard - do they work for everyone?


    We can only buy pre-made medicine spoons and unfortunately, they are all made of hard plastic.

    The exception is:

    1. The Silicone Cup aka Sil-Cup. It is soft and works for many however, some cannot master it, in fact, they can be downright messy

    We offer many styles just in case one style doesn't quite cut it for you. You will have others to chose from until you find one that does the trick for you!

    If you are unsure, try the Removable Version so you can try different receptacles. They are $10 each. Many times, we will pay First Class shipping for you!

    ------- rf2

    2: Question:
    Why do you buy pre-made medicine spoons - why don't you make your own?


    Due to The Mango patenting their receptacle; Brett has made it so none of us can make one from scratch using vinyl tubing or any soft, round tubing.

    Trust us, he sic's his patent attorney on anyone he thinks is trying it. However, i can't blame him because if someone puts their time, energy and moey in to something

    they invented, they have a right to defend it.

    Several years back, we came up with an idea. The image of his receptacle was so tiny, we couldn't tell what it actually looked like.

    So, out of respect for his patent pending, we sent him and email with a sketch of our idea to make sure it was not a violation.

    Yes, the man who has accepted thousands of dollars in orders and not delivered the goods, in 2+ years in some cases**, got angry and had his attorney threaten us.

    We had never seen his receptacle up close, let alone held a Mango receptacle up until this year, 2013, when a client sent us 2 Mango receptacles to retrofit

    onto our STUD

    We cannot make a round, soft receptacle from scratch. So sorry.

    **We still get emails texts from guys telling us they ordered a Mango X months/X years ago and never got it. We will never do that to you!

    ------- rf3

    3: Question:
    I have a receptacle from another maker that I took off. It is in good shape and very clean. Can I send it to be used on my FTM STUD?

    Yes!!!! It must be squeaky clean; boiled and soaked in peroxide before sending.

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    Getting Real - Keeping it Real -



    1: Question:
    I am a perfectionist - OCD to the max and everything in my world must be perfect. Can you make my gear perfect?

    No. We are realistic and we believe in disclosure.

    Nothing is perfect. We strive to make the best items possible but expecting anything to be perfect will be setting yourself up for disappointment


    2: Question:  My STUD is 6 months old. The tubing has come out of the shaft - can I send it back to be fixed?

    No - it's past it's prime plus, if you used it often, we really don't want to.

    We have done it in the past and it's, well, gross - really smelly, disgusting gross

    The smell is awful because urine gets between the tubing inside the shaft and ferments.

    No glue will hold it and inserting new tubing would not work.

    The inside shaft has been expanded a bit due to the tubing expanding (see More STUD FAQ's section) so, inserting the normal width tubing would just slide out.


    3: Question: Wear and tear - what is that? What does life span mean?

    Wear and tear means how much you put the little guy through daily.

    The more you use it, the shorter the life span.

    Life span means, how long it remains a function item.


    4: Question: I want to use my STP for sex. Is this possible?


    STP (Stand to Urinate Packers) are NOT meant for Sex/Intercourse (Vaginal or Anal) or Oral!

    Never use any STP for penetration into the vagina or anus of your partner of self.

    It doesn't matter what you have read or seen; this is risky!

    Anyone making these and suggesting it being a pack/pee and play, is putting you and/or your partner at risk. You risk bodily injury.

    Both areas are very vascular; they can bleed heavily when cut. Not to mention urine gets between the tubing and inside of the shaft. This creates a funky smelling bacteria which will pass along to your partner!

    The soft packer skin is porous; this means absorbs body fluids and it cannot be completely sanitized.

    You cannot claim ignorance about your responsibilities. if you have a hard time reading or understanding these rules/tips/terms - get someone to help you!

    Your understand that you release the maker of any and ALL liability if you choose to be a dumb-ass or claim ignorance - YOU HAVE BEEN DULY WARNED!

    By purchasing, you understand that if You use it for for sexual reasons, despite our warnings, you do so at risks outlined to you clearly. Have an emergency plan on hand. If you cut you or your partners vaginal or anal tissue or the back of the throat, you will need to act immediately and know that we did everything humanly possible to educate you and warn you against even trying this! If you do it, you are on your own

    Why are we so strict about this subject? Because most people are reckless when it comes to sex, anyway. Add an STP packer to the mix and you compound issues.  If you go poking it in areas you shouldn't, you are putting your partner at risk; shame on you. We want nothing to do with ignorance of our warnings just to be more manly or macho

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    Receptacle/Diverter Usage and Tips -



    1: Slim-Line

    The slim-line is for experienced users.

    It can be used with partial insertion into vaginal opening (this is where the urethra is - where your urine comes out from)

    The urethra opening is on the upper wall of the opening into the vagina (illustration coming soon)

    Gently part the labia (the lips, as it were, surrounding the vaginal opening) then position the slim-line in place.

    The scoop end, only.

    It is about the right length into the opening to sit just under the urethra opening.

    Once you are sure you have it in place, begin (see Urinating Tips)


    2:  Big Boy, Standard Medium (tapered and un-tapered), New Ultimate Medium and Greenie

    All of these spoon type receptacles usually aren't partially inserted.

    Often just holding against the vaginal opening or the very edge of the scoop can be placed between the labia.

    If you choose to place the scoop end between the labia,....

    Gently part the labia (the lips, as it were, surrounding the vaginal opening) then position the receptacle in place.

    Once you are sure you have it in place, begin (see Urinating Tips)


    3: Sil-Cup

    With your Thumb, press down on the lip facing towards the STP while pushing the tubing and silc-up stem upward, cradling the bowl on top of your two fingers

    Press the open bowl up over the vaginal opening.

    Over time, you should be able to slip into place allowing the bowl to bend on its own as you hold in place.

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    How to Urinate for Best Results-




    No claims are made, implied or extended in any way, that our STP is better or that usage is guaranteed.

    You may be one who cannot get the "hang" of it, no matter what you do or try


    We don't want you to fail and we wouldn't make something for you that is set to make you fail. please know this!

    If you requested a holder with your FTM STUD STP, it was inserted into the holder, as a courtesy, so you can see how to do it. It is best to try to use with the holder first

    If you cannot, practice with it out of the holder (please be careful - if you take out too fast, you may not remember how to re-insert easily)

    If you have gotten the FTM STUD before with a holder, we probably remember you and won't pre-insert your STUD STP.


    1: Starting off

    SLOWLY! That's Key.

    Don't force your urine out like you can when you sit. You will cause a back up/bottle neck of urine into the receptacle and tubing.

    By starting off slowly, you break any vacuum or impediment that could cause backflow.

    You may need to teach yourself to urinate slowly by going the regular way, sitting, then starting and stopping your flow over and over so you teach your kegel muscles.

    You are teaching yourself how to control and show your stream down in the process.


    2: During..

    The shaft of your STP penis and head must face down!

    Do not keep in parallel with the floor.

    You cannot fight gravity because your STP does not have the right "plumbing"

    Now, as you start and urine begins to come out of the tip, gently jiggle the STP penis shaft a bit to break any vacuum issues that may occur.


    Penis Factoids:

    Remember, the opening in the FTM STUD tip must be be wide because it is not a real penis.

     There are a lot of "plumbing" dynamics that STP's cannot utilize.

    For instance (simple terms):

    The penis has a urethra that expands and contracts during urination - it extends from the bladder down the entire shaft.

     The more pressure a man uses, the wider the urethra opens, the wider the opening in the penis tip opens thus the faster/bigger the flow/stream.

    The urethra closes off during sex so semen does not backwash or retrograde back into the bladder.


    Once you have broken any vacuum between the receptacle and tubing, you can urinate with more flow.

    If you feel any spillage, you are going too fast too soon! Slow down!


    3: Ending the stream

    As you bladder empties, the stream will slow.

    Once you are finished, gently shake excess urine from the shaft  (just like any guy does or should to avoid the spot on the pants).

    Make sure the receptacle is pointing downward so it empties.

    If have the fixed receptacle and you wear the FTM Cock Sock or FTM Velcro Top Pouch, tuck into the pouch.

    If you have the Detachable/Removable Receptacle; if you are able to (if a public bathroom, alone at the urinal or where no one can see you...)

     Twist it off the stem and either slip into the pouch style holder (FTM Cock Sock or FTM Velcro Top Pouch).

    If you have the FTM Cock Strap, twist the receptacle off and place in your pocket. It is best to keep a small baggie in your pocket.

    Or, request a draw string bag when you request your FTM STUD. We will make one for you! It can hand from the waistband of your holder (if it comes with one)


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    Care and Such -



    1: Washing

    Keep it clean, brother!

    Wash every day/evening.

    No matter how well you think you wash it by hand, it's never a clean as when you allow it to soak for several hours in this solution:

    • 3 cups hot, hot water (don't burn yourself!)

    • 1/2 cup 2% or 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

    • A teaspoon of antibacterial dish or hand soap

    Mix well into a small container, just big enough to fit liquid and STP (not the holder!).

    Wash the skin and wash the receptacle while inside the solution

    Let your STP soak in this for several hours.

    Take out, rinse well several times in hot water (don't burn yourself!)


    2: Drying

    Set on a clean towel (not a a paper towel) on its side to air dry.

    Do not place in your dryer or microwave.

    Leaving it out to air dry will be just fine


    3: That sticky, icky feeling...

    Many softy type packers will get very sticky after washing.

    This is normal.

    First time users are sent a Courtesy Corn Starch Sample with the FTM STUD. (If available): Do not use Talc if you have yet to have your hysterectomy! It has

    been linked to cervical cancer. This is why we will, when available, include a courtesy sample of cornstarch with your STUD (especially first time STUD buyers)

    After your FTM STUD or STP is dry, place a quarter sized amount of corn starch on the palm of your dry hand.

    Gently dab your STP in the corn starch, holding it over the sink or trash can so excess doesn't fall onto the floor.

    Once you have gotten the corn starch on  the majority of the STP, rub the STP between your two hands to distribute well.

    Shake off excess.

    if you have a Black Holder (FTM Cock Sock, FTM Velcro Top Pouch or FTM Cock Strap), you may want to wipe the excess off well, leaving just a light coating.

    Make sure your hands are washed clean of the corn starch before re-inserting back into0 its holder


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    Just a few Comments

    "I got a Stud from you some months ago and it has been great. Its daily wear for me, I often work 18hr shifts. I hike alot on days off, its gotten heavy daily usage and served me very well. .... Thank you for making such a great product. I've tried several other devices and two other packers, but yours is the one that works best for me and feels the most natural to use."


    "I love this stp - I have a severe latex allergy and couldn't find any help elsewhere. I thought I could never use the men's room as regular guy until I found the STUD STP. I got what I needed that superb craftsmanship, too!"


    "Love it, love the choices, love the price - works great! I got the type where I can take the receptacle off and put a different one on. Nice to have variety instead of having to buy a new one each time"


    "It's Perfect, Thank you!"




    "This is my favorite STP by far and the pricing makes it better!"



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